Still Kicking…

We finally have made it to the month of November. Never thought I would still be playing baseball in this month when the season started in April. I’m pretty sure I’ve played more games in this calendar year than any other two-year span combined. My body is worn down but I am still pushing through and trying to play as hard as I can. 

To update, the offense hasn’t really picked up for me. I maintained good at bats for the most part, yet the ball still wasn’t falling. That doesn’t worry me too much. The only concern I’ll have is when I start giving away at-bats (See Oct. 30 @ Surprise). Wasn’t nearly as locked in that day and for anyone who was there could see that without the help of me saying it. A productive at-bat can occur a lot of ways. You can hit the ball hard, advance a runner, work the pitch count up, battle with two strikes; all of those are examples of productive at bats. Those are the type of at bats you can have and still be a positive influence and contributor to the lineup. No, the average still isn’t up or remotely where I want it to be, but as long as I continue to have productive at bats, then I’ll remain okay with not hitting for a high average. 
Meanwhile, as much as I kill nearly every rally the Peoria Javelinas put together, the team has still been on a roll. We are now 10-6 and a half game back of first place. The offense has been solid for us and is coming together very nicely. All the hitters are getting along and feed off each other’s enthusiasm for the game. Although I am not playing everyday, the dugout can be a fun place to watch the game from. We enjoyed our Halloween weekend and are looking to pick back up our winning ways tonight @ Scottsdale. 
Haven’t posted as much lately or as much as I’d like to, so hopefully I’ll try to pick it up here for the last couple weeks. No one really wants to hear about how I almost made it to first base today. So there’s still time left to gather myself together, refocus, and have a strong finish and possibly end this fall league experience on a high note. Till next time.



    Hi Jason,
    Just discovered your blog and love it. Hang in there–we’re so proud of you, even when the Baseball Gods aren’t smiling! Love from the whole Toledo gang.
    Lori, Steve, Rayna, and Sam

  2. indians

    Hey, you just ripped a double down the first base line! Watching on MLB Network. How much time will you get to rest before next season?

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